Offer, negotiate, contract and track
on ONE screen

Switchboard is a cloud-based, B2B sales automation platform that removes the friction and unnecessary processes currently associated with promoted offers, everyday ordering and limited quantity deal transactions.


Switchboard saves time and money while improving engagement, data and transparency needed to prove ROI and justify investment in Tier II customer growth strategies.  

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Switchboard is creating the sales
efficiency category

Despite the advances in sales management applications technology, today's enterprise sales process is still largely manual, resulting in greater friction and unnecessary processes between internal and external stakeholders. Costs increase and time is wasted due to manual work.


On average, a typical enterprise sales process has:

  • Hundreds of manual business processes that span across sales, marketing, operations and
    finance functions.


  • Stakeholders spending 60% of their workweek, or 24 hours per week per stakeholder, on non-revenue generating, non-growth administrative tasks.

  • Fragmented silos of data in multiple formats throughout an organization.

Switchboard customers are benefiting

  • 40% reduction of business processes

  • 50% faster decision-making

  • 80% more negotiation data migrated from emails

Switchboard, a groundbreaking SaaS solution, addresses the most pressing challenges of the enterprise sales process. Switchboard combines cloud negotiation with standardization of various sales processes between suppliers and their buyers. This results in 40+% reduction of business processes while migrating 80% more negotiation data from numerous email strings per offer per customer to a single dashboard for all stakeholders via one standalone web application.

The platform is easily integrated with CRM, ERP, TPM/O, financial and various supply chain solutions.