The Answer is Switchboard Sales

I came up with the concept of Switchboard Sales after being asked by big consumer packaged goods (CPG) brands
to help them gain shelf space for their products and promotions within independent grocery stores.
Immediately, I saw how time-consuming and inefficient the whole sales process is between CPGs and retailers.
Lots of emails, spreadsheets, portal entries, messages, waiting in lobbies for hours just to get
information in the hands of the buyer. Additionally, brokers and wholesalers added layers of friction and cost.


The last crazy part is that the information was the same for each buyer. I was repeating the same
process to communicate the same information for hours each day. So I asked myself, is there a better way
that companies can sell to each other? Can we create a solution that removes layers of friction, repetition,
and unnecessary processes?
The answer is Switchboard Sales.



What we've heard along the way . . .

"Quality of the information in Switchboard Sales is outstanding." 
- Head of Sales, Top 25 CPG


"Not sure how many people
or hours it'd take to provide the reporting
Switchboard Sales showed me in seconds."
                                        - GM, Top 5 CPG


"Most comprehensive piece
of software I've seen for
retail sales."

                   - VP, top WW Online Retailer


"Can transform how we do business with our vendor community.
- Merchant, Top 5 Retailer


"I did in 5 minutes on 

Switchboard Sales what usually takes me 2 hours."
                      - Top Grocery Chain Buyers


"Intuitive and powerful design."
                               - Top 5 Grocery Chain